Florida’s Wetlands

May is American Wetlands Month and nowhere is this more appropriate than in Florida. Nearly 30% of Florida is comprised of wetlands — a higher percentage than any other state.  And this is despite decades of draining wetlands to make way for cattle, crops and development. Fortunately, passionate, relentless environmentalists have been able to slow the stampede […]


Fat Bike

Fat Bike Field Trial 4

What the hell is a Fat Bike? Well, it’s kind of like the monster truck of the bicycle world. A mountain bike on steroids. The most obvious difference is the massive 4″ wide tires (fat tires). Of course, these wide tires require a wide front fork and rear wheel frame. All this leads to a […]

Sunday Drives

Scenic Sunday drives through the countryside were quite common back in the day. Pack the family into the car and head for big nature — maybe a massive forest on rolling hills or a stretch of remote beach along A1A. Make stops along the way at particularly beautiful spots. Have a picnic, maybe. Of course, […]

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge


See the Manatees!

Whether you want to see manatees up close and personal, watch live streaming video (daylight hours) or learn more about these adorable creatures, here’s the info to get you there: Live Stream Manatee Cam from Blue Spring State Park in Orange City. For other videos and more information, please see the Save the Manatee Club. ManateeCam at […]

Florida’s Imperiled Animal Species, Part 6

Manatees, Key Deer and Mountainous Star Coral take the spotlight in Part 6 of our continuing series. The list of imperiled species is a fluid instrument — species are added and removed periodically, as well as changing classifications, such as from Endangered to Threatened. In fact, our first imperiled species is a perfect example of changing […]

Key deer