Biking West Volusia Trails 4   Recently updated !

West Volusia County offers miles upon miles of paved multi-use trails through some beautiful countryside. I recently rode from Beck Ranch Park up to the East Central Regional Rail Trail in Osteen, then rode west to Green Springs Park, where I picked up the Spring to Spring Trail and followed it to Lake Monroe Park […]

Spring to Spring Trail

South Lake Trail

Biking the South Lake Trail System 1

The South Lake Trail System has its ups and downs, quite literally. The terrain, that is. This countryside is part of the Lake Wales Ridge, playfully known as Florida’s Mountain Country. Certainly there are no hills and valleys here that can compare to those in the mountains to the north, yet for the flattest state […]

Biking West Orange Trail 1

Kudos to Orange County Parks, along with all the other agencies and municipalities involved in developing and maintaining this First Class multi-use trail. My wife and I had the pleasure of riding from Killarney Station to Ingram Outpost and back over the holidays, what you could call roughly the southern half of this 20.8 mile […]

Chapin Station

Hunting Season Safety for Non-Hunters

Whenever there are people out in the wilderness carrying guns (or bows) with the intent of killing something, it’s best to pay attention. That said, with a little education hunting season shouldn’t stop you from getting out there to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, paddling or other outdoor activities of your choosing. First up, where and […]

Florida’s Greenways and Trails System

Did you know that the Florida Department of Greenways & Trails offers more than 2,000 miles of recreational trails throughout the state for biking and hiking? In fact, the entire east coast of Florida from Key West to the Georgia state line is part of the East Coast Greenway, a 3,000 mile trail system that runs all the way to Calais, ME! […]

Lake Apopka Loop Trail