Hunting Season Safety for Non-Hunters

Whenever there are people out in the wilderness carrying guns (or bows) with the intent of killing something, it’s best to pay attention. That said, with a little education hunting season shouldn’t stop you from getting out there to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, paddling or other outdoor activities of your choosing. First up, where and […]

Lake Apopka Loop Trail

Florida’s Greenways and Trails System

Did you know that the Florida Department of Greenways & Trails offers more than 2,000 miles of recreational trails throughout the state for biking and hiking? In fact, the entire east coast of Florida from Key West to the Georgia state line is part of the East Coast Greenway, a 3,000 mile trail system that runs all the way to Calais, ME! […]

Beaches VS Springs; Best Cooldown

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy both Florida’s world-class beaches and its unparalleled springs…but when it comes to mid-summer cooling off power, there is a clear winner. The first and most telling tale is water temperature. On July 28 (2016), I looked at the NOAA water temperature MAP and sampled 11 sites from Fernandina Beach to Key […]

Alexander Springs


Florida’s Wetlands

May is American Wetlands Month and nowhere is this more appropriate than in Florida. Nearly 30% of Florida is comprised of wetlands — a higher percentage than any other state.  And this is despite decades of draining wetlands to make way for cattle, crops and development. Fortunately, passionate, relentless environmentalists have been able to slow the stampede […]

Fat Bike Field Trial 6

What the hell is a Fat Bike? Well, it’s kind of like the monster truck of the bicycle world. A mountain bike on steroids. The most obvious difference is the massive 4″ wide tires (fat tires). Of course, these wide tires require a wide front fork and rear wheel frame. All this leads to a […]

Fat Bike