Local Experts; Marine Discovery Center

For the majority of my explorations, I thoroughly research the area I plan to explore and then I go. Some of Florida’s Natural Wonders, however, are best experienced with the guidance of local experts…at least until you become familiar with the area. Florida’s crown jewel of estuaries, the Indian River Lagoon, is one of these […]

Marine Discovery Center Dock

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The St Johns: River or Estuary?

Florida’s St Johns River is one of the few rivers in North America that flows north…that is, when it’s not flowing south.  Confused?  No worries—so is the river.  You see, Florida’s longest river (310 miles) reverses flow twice a day with high tide.  Quite often this reverse flow extends more than 160 miles upriver! Old habits […]

Orlando’s Natural Theme Parks; Part 1

Crystal clear springs, lush subtropical forests, National Wild & Scenic Rivers, world-class estuaries and pristine beaches filled with an amazing array of creatures, both great and small.  You won’t find these at any of Orlando’s world-class theme parks.  These are Greater Orlando’s natural theme parks…and they are world-class natural wonders, compliments of Mother Nature. These […]

Ichetuckney Kayaking

Big Shoals

Florida’s Natural Wonder: Rapids

  Big Shoals State Park is home to Florida’s most extensive rapids.  That’s right, rapids in Florida!  I lived in Florida for 20 years with no idea there are rapids here.  After all, Florida is the lazy river capital of North America.  The St. Johns River, Florida’s largest river, flows at 0.3 mph…when it’s not flowing […]

Introduction to Wetlands

  Introduction to Wetlands is our first YouTube video!  This short (<5 minutes) video shares some of the amazing facts that make Wetlands a Florida Natural Wonder.  Also included are the Everglades, the Indian River Lagoon and Florida Springs.  Did you know that Florida has more wetlands per square mile than any other state in […]

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Florida’s Natural Wonder: Springs

  Florida has over 700 known springs!  33 of them are First Magnitude springs, with a minimum daily discharge of 64.6 Million Gallons!  Minimum.  That’s enough water to fill more than 100 Olympic-size swimming pools.  Every day.  From just 1 spring.  Most discharge far more than the minimum. Wakulla Spring actually recorded over a billion […]