Play It Heat Safe

Summers in Florida are a brutal mix of heat and humidity. It’s common enough to see 95 degrees F with a “Feels Like” temperature or Heat Index of 105. Sweating doesn’t work so well to cool the body when the air is already saturated with humidity. So how do you play it heat safe? Well, […]

Blazing Sun

Blue Spring

Paddler Resources

Florida is a paddler’s paradise, offering a wide variety of fresh, brackish and saltwater paddling. No matter where you are in Florida, you’re never far from a body of water, be it a lake, spring run, river, estuary or the ocean itself. So where do you start? Are you looking for a guided trip or […]

Bug Off!

An explosion of life arrived with the summer rains, including a bumper crop of biting, blood-sucking insects. Great news if you’re a dragonfly or a bat…not so much for us humans. These relentless creatures pierce our largest organ (the skin) with the precision of a brain surgeon and access our blood directly, often leaving itchy […]

tiger mosquito

Markham Woods

Biking Markham Woods

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Lake Mary, very near the Wekiva River, sits a beautifully diverse forest known as Markham Woods. Thanks to the tireless efforts of SORBA Orlando volunteers, there are miles of sweet mountain bike trails winding throughout the various habitats for us to enjoy. And enjoy I have. Twice in […]

Project OptOutside365   Recently updated !

It’s become a personal tradition for me to use my birthday as a starting point to take on a new challenge for the coming year. It’s both more personal to me than New Year’s Day and an easy date to remember. So far the challenges I’ve started this way have stuck and become a part […]

Taylor Creek