Florida’s Natural Wonder: Springs

Blue Spring


Florida has over 700 known springs! 33 of them are First Magnitude springs, with a minimum daily discharge of 64.6 Million Gallons! Minimum. That’s enough water to fill more than 100 Olympic-size swimming pools. Every day. From just 1 spring. Most discharge far more than the minimum.

Wakulla Spring actually recorded over a billion gallons of water discharged in a single day, although its historical average is about one-quarter of that. The spring group known as Spring Creek discharges more than a billion gallons every day. The Rainbow Springs, Silver Springs and Crystal River spring groups each discharge about half a billion gallons per day. That is a LOT of fresh water.

And that’s just a few of them. Florida has more First Magnitude springs than any other state. In fact, more than any other country! As if that’s not enough, Florida boasts 191 Second Magnitude springs and 151 Third Magnitude springs. It’s even been speculated that the outflow from Florida’s springs exceeds the total outflow of all other springs in the world…combined! That’s why Springs are a Florida Natural Wonder.

Best of all? The premier springs are in award-winning Florida State Parks or on other government properties. For less than $10 your whole family can immerse yourself in a true Florida Natural Wonder — literally.  Swim, snorkel, scuba, tube, kayak, canoe…even take a hike, picnic, camp. We’ll be bringing each of these State Parks and mega-springs to you online, along with photos, movies, articles and maps. Check out our Bucket List.


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