Florida’s Wetlands

May is American Wetlands Month and nowhere is this more appropriate than in Florida. Nearly 30% of Florida is comprised of wetlands — a higher percentage than any other state.  And this is despite decades of draining wetlands to make way for cattle, crops and development. Fortunately, passionate, relentless environmentalists have been able to slow the stampede and even reverse it in some cases. Today the largest environmental restoration project in history struggles forward in the Everglades.


So what’s the big deal about wetlands? Take a look and find out, starting with an entertaining throwback video called Fabulous Wetlands with Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

Here are some other great links about American Wetlands Month, the importance of wetlands and where to find them in Florida:

Wetlands Near You: http://soils.ifas.ufl.edu/wetlandextension/near.htm






Mapping Our Wetlands: http://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/1342/pdf/C1342_Features.pdf

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