Hiking the Florida Trail; Chuluota Wilderness Area to Joshua Creek Trailhead

Like a jigsaw puzzle piece, Chuluota Wilderness Area is locked into the western edge of the Charles Bronson State Forest — both the same forest, except by man-made borders. Fortunately for hikers and nature lovers alike, the Florida National Scenic Trail runs right through this diverse forest, and both trailheads are easily accessible from anywhere in east-central Florida.

Florida Trail

This hike is about 5 miles one way — I logged 10.96 miles hiking out and back, including a minor side hike on Chuluota’s West Loop. Of course, the Florida Trail goes on in both directions for hundreds of miles…with some significant gaps remaining to this day. However, this is a beautiful stretch of trail running all the way south through Orlando Wetlands Park, Seminole Ranch Wildlife Management Area, and Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area, and to the north through the Little Big Econ State Forest and beyond, with minor road walks.

Florida Trail

I’ve hiked this stretch several times and each time it’s different. The high and dry uplands are still high and dry, but the swampy wetlands haven’t been wet in months now. Still, the foliage was lush, except where a fire swept through. If it was a controlled burn, it looks like it got a bit out of control. This stretch was kind of eerie…walking through the aftermath.

Florida Trail

The pine forests with a thick floor of pine needles and little undergrowth are one of my favorite sections, but the flowers and tunnels of palmettos in the lowlands are beautiful, too. It’s a sight to behold when bright sunlight radiates off all the greenery and dapples the trail ahead, particularly with early morning or late afternoon light casting long shadows.

Florida Trail

Take a look at the video slideshow, maps and links. This long stretch of wilderness offers several choices for section or day hikes on the Florida National Scenic Trail. There are only 11 National Scenic Trails in the entire country and this one is exclusively in Florida. That’s a pretty big deal. I highly recommend that you hike at least one section — for bragging rights, if nothing else. 😉

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Chuluota Wilderness Area Trailhead:



Google Earth; Chuluota Wilderness Area


PS – Thank you to the Florida Trail Association and all you trail volunteers. Want to get involved? Click the link!