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Daytona Sunrise

It’s become a personal tradition for me to use my birthday as a starting point to take on a new challenge for the coming year. It’s both more personal to me than New Year’s Day and an easy date to remember. So far the challenges I’ve started this way have stuck and become a part of my everyday life. This year it’s #OptOutside365.

So I made a pledge to myself that’s kind of a cross between the unofficial postal carrier’s pledge and a marriage vow:¬†Neither snow nor rain nor heat will deter me. Through sickness and in health, for better or for worse, I will spend time outside EVERY DAY for a year. Maybe even the rest of my life, if I’m lucky.

Lake Louisa SP

My goal is an hour or the equivalent of a 5k most days, with at least one major hike, bike, paddle or other excursion every week. Yard work doesn’t count for this project — it can be a great way to spend time outside, but I wanted this to be entirely off-property. A park, trail, spring, river, lake, ocean. Away from all the responsibilities associated with home and office. After all, that’s a big part of opting outside…plus it’s healthier and cheaper than going to a bar. ūüėČ

So here I am the first week of May deciding that it would have been a great idea if I kept a daily log of my progress. I have tracked my outings with my Garmin fenix or Map My Hike app or both, as well as daily photos, so I have a record for going back to create the log from my birthday until now. Since I’m starting on Day 77, I’ll be posting my updates¬†both forwards and backwards (calendar-wise) until I get back to day 1, then only forward.

Day 73 / #OptOutside365; Saturday, April 29: Young Pine Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 3.25 miles, 57 mins / Garmin = ditto!

Day 74 / #OptOutside365; Sunday, April 30: Cross Seminole Trail. Bike ride. Map My Ride = 15.37 miles, 2:50 hrs. / Garmin = 15.95 miles, 2:55 hrs.

Cross Seminole Trail

Day 75 / #OptOutside365; Monday, May 1: Young Pine Park. Basic hike. May My Ride = 3.32 miles, 1:03 hrs / Garmin = 3.31 miles, 1:04 hrs.

gopher tortoise

Day 76 / #OptOutside365; Tuesday, May 2: South Econ Community Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 3.13 miles, 1:01 hrs. / Garmin = 3.23 miles, 1:02 hrs.

Eastern Glass Lizard

Day 77 / #OptOutside365; Wednesday, May 3: Young Pine Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 3.26 miles, 1:02 hrs. / Garmin = 3.35 miles, 1:03 hrs.

Young Pine Park

Day 78 / #OptOutside365; Thursday, May 4: Trimble Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 2.13 miles, 2:05 hrs. / Garmin = 3.02 miles, 2:06 hrs.

Also — Palm Island Park and Mt. Dora Waterfront: Basic hike. Map My Ride = 0.79 miles, 31:41 mins. / Garmin: 0.90 miles, 32:27 mins.

Trimble Park

Day 79 / #OptOutside365; Friday, May 5. South Econ Community Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 3.22 miles, 59:47 mins. / Garmin = 2.28 miles, 43:08 mins. (Battery died)

South Econ Community Park

Day 80 / #OptOutside365; Saturday, May 6. Young Pine Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 3.3 miles, 1:20 hrs. / Garmin = 3.4 miles, 1:20 hrs.

Day 81 / #OptOutside365; Sunday, May 7. Young Pine Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 3.28 miles, 59:39 mins. / Garmin = 3.33, 59:38 mins.

Day 82 / #OptOutside365; Monday, May 8. Young Pine Park. Hike with 3 lb. hand weights, doing various upper body strengthening moves. I used the same weights one day last week, but I don’t remember, so I’ll start tracking their use today. Map My Ride = 3.3 miles, 1:02 hrs. / Garmin = 3.34 miles, 1:03 hrs.

Day 83 / #OptOutside365; Tuesday, May 9. South Econ Community Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 1.61 miles, 30:29 mins. / Garmin = 1.57 miles, 30:53 mins. While this looks like a slack outside day, I spend the entire morning digging under and around water oak tree roots, cutting them with a double-bladed long-handled ax, followed by overhead tree trimming with an extended reach trimming chain saw. But since I don’t count yard work in #OptOutside365, I felt an easy, short hike was in order.

Day 84 / #OptOutside365; Wednesday, May 10. Young Pine Park. Basic hike. Map My Ride = 1.49 miles, 32:12 mins / Garmin = 1.53 miles, 33:18 mins. This was a slack day. Since I never get a day completely off for physical recovery, I felt the need to give my body a little slack…especially after yesterday’s tree work.

Day 85 / #OptOutside365; Thursday, May 11. Kelly Park/Rock Springs. Swimming and hiking. No Map My Ride today (water). Garmin = 1.49 miles, 49:41 mins.; This was combined swimming and hiking. Garmin = 0.59 miles, 21:15 mins.; This was swimming only. Garmin = 0.50 miles, 10:24 mins. This was the short hike back to my car. PS — I love this place.

Day 86 / #OptOutside365; Friday, May 12. Relay for Life at Timber Creek High School. A little walkabout. Map My Ride = 1.04 miles, 3:29 hrs. / Garmin = 1.73 miles, 3:27 hrs. Great cause, nice long evening outside and some good recovery time.

Relay for Life Survivors

Day 87 / #OptOutside365; Saturday, May 13. South Econ Community Park. General hike. Map My Ride = 1.25 miles, 30 mins. / Garmin = 1.38 miles, 31 mins.

Day 88 / #OptOutside365; Sunday, May 14. South Econ Community Park. General hike. Map My Ride = 1.95 miles, 35 mins. / Garmin =  1.98 miles, 35 mins.

Day 89 / #OptOutside365; Monday, May 15. Young Pine Park. General hike. Map My Ride = 3.29 miles, 59 mins. / Garmin = 3.32 miles, 59 mins.

Day 90 / #OptOutside365; Tuesday, May 16. Young Pine Park. General hike. Map My Ride = 3.06 miles, 58 mins. / Garmin = 3.07 miles, 58 mins.

Day 91 / #OptOutside365; Wednesday, May 17. Blue Spring State Park. Swimming and hiking. Swimming — Garmin only = 0.66 miles, 35 mins. Map My Ride hiking = 1.32 miles, 43 mins. / Garmin = 1.88 miles, 1:04 hrs. Note: Obviously my Garmin was on longer than my Map My Ride app. Also: This is my 1/4 of a year mark!

Day 92 / #OptOutside365; Thursday, May 18. South Econ. General hike. Map My Ride = 1.55 miles, 30 mins. / Garmin = 1.58 miles, 32 mins.

Day 93 / #OptOutside365; Friday, May 19. Taylor Creek/Tosohatchee. General hike. Map My Ride = 4.32 miles, 3:50 hrs. / Garmin = 6 miles, 3:50 hrs. Note: I think MMR lost me in the dense canopy at times. I actually hiked up the creek bed, as it was completely dry.

Taylor Creek

Day 94 / #OptOutside365; Saturday, May 20. Young Pine Park. General hike. Map My Ride = 3.26 miles, 1 hr. / Garmin = 3.39 miles, 1:03 hrs.

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