Project OptOutside365

Daytona Sunrise

It’s become a personal tradition for me to use my birthday as a starting point to take on a new challenge for the coming year. It’s both more personal to me than New Year’s Day and an easy date to remember. So far the challenges I’ve started this way have stuck and become a part of my everyday life. This year it’s #OptOutside365.

So I made a pledge to myself that’s kind of a cross between the unofficial postal carrier’s pledge and a marriage vow: Neither snow nor rain nor heat will deter me. Through sickness and in health, for better or for worse, I will spend time outside EVERY DAY for a year. Maybe even the rest of my life, if I’m lucky. Which I hope is much longer than a year…

Lake Louisa SP


Cross Seminole Trail


gopher tortoise


Eastern Glass Lizard


Young Pine Park


Trimble Park


South Econ Community Park



Relay for Life Survivors



Taylor Creek