Biking Little Big Econ State Forest

Little Big Econ State Forest’s Jones East Trailhead on Snowhill Road in Geneva is all about mountain biking…minus the mountains, of course. However, they do have a “Ditch of Doom”. Seriously. Although I must admit that I never felt in peril.

Nevertheless, this is a very enjoyable place to ride off-road and quite scenic as the trail winds through varied terrain. In some places the trees are close and the trail is narrow. In others, it’s wide open spaces. Two loop trails are split by the “Ditch of Doom”, which is actually a canal. The trail runs along a bluff overlooking the canal, which sits maybe 30 feet below the ridge line.

Econlockhatchee River

The two loops meet at a low point where a small bridge crosses the canal. But the most beautiful area is along the forest’s namesake, the Econlockhatchee River, which is  designated an Outstanding Florida Water. You can follow the river for several scenic miles or hook up with the Flagler Trail running north/south. The trails converge at a scenic bridge that crosses the river, a popular spot to take a break and shoot some pictures.

Know Before You Go! Check out the Photo Gallery, WonderMap (below), trails map and links provided. If this looks like your kind of place, then by all means head out there. If not, check out our Where-to-Go and Bucket List to find spots that you can’t resist. Whatever you do, get out there and enjoy Florida’s Natural Wonders!

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PS: For hiking, check out The Little Big Econ State Forest Barr St. Trailhead.


Jones East Trailhead Biking WonderMap.  28.673461, -81.114253  Tip >> Click on waypoint flags for GPS location photos.


Snow Hill Trail



Florida Forest Service

Little Big Econ State Forest

1350 Snow Hill Rd.

Geneva, FL 32732-9054

(407) 971-3500

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