Biking Spruce Creek Preserve

Perhaps Florida’s finest coastal mountain biking trails, the forested ancient dunes of Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve provide rolling terrain that is both beautiful and at times challenging. This was my first time exploring these trails, recommended to me by my oldest son — I was  pleasantly surprised.

Spruce Creek

This Volusia County gem is nestled along the coast between New Smyrna Beach and Port Orange, less than half a mile from the beach. About a month earlier Hurricane Matthew ripped through here as a Cat 4 monster. My heart sank as I pulled up to a parking area filled with county work vehicles, chain saws buzzing and heavy equipment rumbling.

Spruce Creek

Fortunately, the crews were working on hiking and equestrian trails in another section of the property, still clearing trees and branches, so I was free to explore the mountain bike trails. Thanks to the Spruce Creek Mountain Bike Association, volunteers and Volusia County, the mtb trails were clear of debris. There were only 2 spots where the trail had been re-routed for restoration.


Most of the property showed no sign of a monster storm, while some small areas had massive damage with downed trees and branches littering both sides of the trail. The trails themselves were in great shape and were well designed for a combination of flow and technical challenges utilizing the terrain of these coastal dunes. There are also a couple of Spruce Creek views from the top of the dunes that are worth stopping for. Kudos to the teachers and students who made this happen.


The Photo Gallery and/or the slideshow below, along with my ride map/stats and the links provided complete the story. Looking for other great rides, hikes or paddling spots in Florida? Check out our Bucket List and Where-to-Go for the best places to experience Florida’s Natural Wonders. So go on…get out there!


Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve, 1755 Martin’s Dairy Road, Port Orange, FL 32127