Gemini Springs Park

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You don’t always have to visit a huge federal or state facility (park, refuge, forest, sanctuary) in order to enjoy Florida’s Natural Wonders. There are incredible county and city parks throughout Florida, like Orlando Wetlands Park, which we’ve visited several times. Another is Gemini Springs, a Volusia County park located in DeBary, just off I-4 about midway between Daytona Beach and Orlando.

As the name Gemini implies, there are 2 springs located here. They’re pretty close to one another and together generate around 6.5 million gallons per day. It sounds like a lot of water, but Florida is filled with springs that exceed 10 times that amount. Nevertheless, they create  a beautiful little pond before moving on to Mullet Lake and the St. Johns River beyond.

While swimming isn’t allowed (alligators), paddling, hiking, biking and camping are all available. The trails within the park are rather short, but there are many side trails, so you can explore for a couple of leisurely hours. The park’s trails also connect to many miles of trails, such as the Spring to Spring Trail and the Gemini Springs to Lake Monroe Park Trail.

Gemini Springs Nature Trail

The forest feels exotic and primeval, great old oaks adorned with resurrection ferns, vines and Spanish moss. This is my favorite feature of the park, as you’ll no doubt notice from the photos in the 3 galleries. And let me be right up front, the photos do not do this place justice. I used only my Samsung Galaxy on 2 of the trips, and it can take some outstanding pictures, but the lighting and humidity were terrible for all 3 trips. Still, I think they fairly represent the park.

This park is 210 acres of classic central Florida, tucked right up against suburbia. Easy access. FREE. The 3 galleries have many more photos covering nearly every aspect of the park. Check out the WonderMaps (below) & galleries, then add this gem to your Florida Bucket List!


Gemini Springs Park, 37 Dirksen Dr, Debary, FL 32713

Gemini Springs Waterfront Gallery

Gemini Springs Nature Trail Gallery

Gemini Springs to Mullet Lake Gallery


Please Note: It is NOT Gemini Springs Dog Park…just Gemini Springs Park.


PS – There are gems like this all over Florida. Check out Where to Go for outdoor recreational opportunities in every county. Now get outside and enjoy Florida. You’ll be glad you did.

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