Hiking Torreya State Park

Hiking Torreya State Park has its ups and downs…literally. In fact, this park’s terrain is probably its biggest draw for flatlander Floridians, or for anyone who, like me, enjoys the mountains.

Torreya State Park

Of course, there are no mountains here. Not even close. Yet, you can almost convince yourself that you’re hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail when you’re actually on the Florida National Scenic Trail (a.k.a. the Florida Trail).

High bluffs, perhaps a hundred yards, rise above the scenic Apalachicola River. Deeps ravines are carved through limestone outcroppings. There’s even a small waterfall located on a spur trail.

In all there are about 16 miles of trails, plenty to keep you busy, particularly if you take the time to enjoy the views.

You may even be able to enjoy a sandbar along a bend in the river, if the water is low, as it was when my wife and I visited the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I would love to return and camp at the #1 primitive campsite located at the top of the bluffs above the river. There’s even a well-maintained porta-potty and a rack of firewood close by for your convenience.

Named for the extremely rare Torreya tree that is found only along these bluffs, this park is certainly one of Florida’s Natural Wonders. And while you’re here, it’s definitely worth the trip to Three Rivers State Park, the source of the Apalachicola River, just a short drive north.

Take a look at the Photo Gallery and/or the video slideshow below, along with the links provided. I think you’ll agree this is a Florida must-see. Want to find more great places to hike, mountain bike and/or paddle in Florida? Check out our Bucket List and Where-to-Go.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy Florida’s Natural Wonders!

Torreya State Park

2576 NW Torreya Park Rd.
Bristol, FL 32321