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Tomoka State Park is a slender green thumb of peninsula separating the Tomoka and Halifax Rivers. The Halifax River is part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, which extends north all the way to Norfolk, VA, and south to Key West, FL. Naturally, one of the park’s key features is access to these richly biodiverse waterways and their tributaries.

There are so many choices for exploring by water, like taking the Halifax River down to Ponce Inlet and heading out to sea or paddling the various creeks, inlets and canals within the park. This is also a birder’s paradise, especially during the migratory seasons, with more than 160 documented species. Deer, bobcats and endangered gopher tortoises call this home, too.

I will certainly return to explore these waters, but this trip allowed time only to hike their short (½ mile) nature trail and check out a couple of other landmarks. There is a WonderMap below of the hike, which is both easy and scenic. The primary landmark is an old carnival-like statue of a fictitious Chief Tomokie. Back in the day it may have gotten an ooh and aah now and then, but it’s fallen into disrepair, like an abandoned roadside attraction. Now he’s just a hokey Chief Tomokie. lol

Chief Tomokie Tomoka State Park

There is a camp store, boat dock, canoe rentals and camping facilities. This sweet little slice of Florida’s Natural Wonders is also part of a much bigger slice of green. Just across Tomoka Basin to the north/northwest lies both Tomoka Marsh Aquatic Preserve and Bulow Creek State Park. Directly across the Tomoka River to the west is Addison Blockhouse Historic State Park. It’s fair to say that enjoyable outdoor activity potential is very high in these parts.

Check out the Photo Gallery, WonderMap and Video so you can Know Before You Go. If it looks like a place you’d like to explore, be sure to put it on your Bucket List!

Tomoka State Park Nature Trail WonderMap. TIP >> Click on GPS waypoint flags for location photos.



Tomoka State Park

2099 North Beach Street
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

(386) 676-4050

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