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Big Shoals State Park Rapids!


Blue Spring State Park; Manatees Play Ball


Blue Spring State Park Vent


Collier-Seminole State Park


De Leon Springs State Park: Spring Garden Creek


Falling Waters State Park: The Disappearing Waterfall!


Falmouth Spring; World’s Shortest River!


A Gator’s Eye-View of the Hontoon Dead River


Grayton Beach State Park 1


Grayton Beach State Park 2


Grayton Beach State Park 3


Hal Scott Regional Preserve


Hontoon Dead River


Intro to Wetlands


Janes Scenic Drive; Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park


Kelly Park/Rock Springs Snorkeling, Part 1


Kelly Park/Rock Springs Snorkeling, Part 2


Kelly Park/Rock Springs Snorkeling, Part 3


Orlando Wetlands Park 3 Minute Vacation


Rock Springs Run 3 Minute Vacation


Still Smoldering from a controlled burn 2 days earlier at Hontoon Island State Park


St Johns River: Fast & Loud VS Slow & Stealthy


St Johns River: Quick Cruise


Tomoka State Park

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